• The Guernsey Cow

    A unique breed

  • Ice-cream Maker

    Butter as a raw material

  • Head Chef

    Butter on the table

  • Head Chef

    Butter in the kitchen

  • Delicatessenshop

    Butter at home

A Wonderful Butter

The unique Guernsey cow can feed from more than ten kinds of grasses and more than twenty kinds of wild flowers and herbs. Nothing is added to the Guernsey butter. The combination of nature and genetics results in the deep and rich flavour.

Our Butter

A wholesome and creamy butter

The Guernsey Cow

Unique because of her different digestion

A2 Butter

The benefits of A2 butter

Head Chef

On the table and in the kitchen

Ice-cream Maker

Lower costs, a higher quality and a pure taste


Butter for the gourmet