About us

About us

I have been a regular visitor of Guernsey for more than 25 years. In particular because of the striking resemblance with my native island of Tasmania. As a teacher of English I also visited Guernsey as a training supervisor for students who studied Tourism and Leisure Management at a college in Holland.

In 1999 I happened to meet the ice-cream maker Jan Rozeboom. His experiments with the butter gave a fantastic improvement in taste. After intense negotiations we managed to reach a competitive price and efficient transport.

Guernsey Butter Club

Meanwhile many professionals have discovered the additional value of the Guernsey butter. In 2006 the ice-cream makers working with the butter set up the Guernsey Butter Club., which visits Guernsey every other year. It feels great to share my enthusiasm about this product and the island with our customers!

 P_Kluyver     Pieter Kluyver p.kluyver@guernsey-butter.com