Head chef

Head chef

Guests do not touch the olive oil when the Guernsey butter is also on the table. In the kitchen the butter can also be applied in many different ways. 

Head chefs recommend the butter because of its taste and versatility.

  • Sauces get a salty and creamy taste and become thicker and richer.
  • Pastries get a delightful and creamy taste when made with Guernsey butter
  • Purees become fuller and softer
  • When baking and frying, the meat takes on more colour and flavour.
  • Fatty fish like plaice and sole get a delicious buttery taste.
  • The elastic structure works amazingly well in ganashes and cream truffles.

Guernsey butter melts sooner than other butters, at 30 degrees centigrade. The butter cannot tolerate very high temperatures.

Upon request our distributor Vanilla Venture can provide you with these free butter-papers to inform your guests. Available in Dutch and English.

Botervelletje_GB_2015-clean        Butter paper