Guernsey Trip

Every other year the Guernsey Butter Club goes on a special Guernsey Trip to visit Guernsey. One year with ice-cream makers and the other year with head chefs.

Trips are made to the Dairy and some farms with beautiful, pedigree Guernsey cows. Every cow has a name and the farmer is able to distinguish all of them.

We also visit Sark, the last feudal area in Europe. Technically speaking, it is a democracy but practically it is still feudal. This island has not changed since Medaeval times. You can stll feel the magic and atmosphere of the past. The boat trip, which takes some forty minutes, is quite an enterprise. At worst, a turbulent sea and windforce 8. At best, a turbulent sea and wind force 7.

From a culinary point of view, Guernsey is the top atrraction. The French cuisine is very much prevalent and the meals had there will never be forgotten. Want to join us? Contact us!